Countertop compressor refrigeration single door portable mini refrigerator

Commercial Catering RefrigeratorBest soluiton for beverage and drinking!Size Option:21L~300LModelSC25LVolume25LClimate ClassificationNInput Power82WRated Voltage110V60Hz, 220V-240V/50Hz(60Hz)Power Consumption0.7kW·h/24hTemperature Range0ºC-10ºCRefrigerantR600aShelf1pcs adjustableLock & ColorOptionalOEM

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Commercial Catering Refrigerator
Best soluiton for beverage and drinking!
Size Option:21L~300L
Climate ClassificationN
Input Power82W
Rated Voltage110V60Hz, 220V-240V/50Hz(60Hz)
Power Consumption0.7kW·h/24h
Temperature Range0ºC-10ºC
Shelf1pcs adjustable
Lock & ColorOptional
Sticker Branding & LED LogoOptional(We can customized for you.)
Inner LightLED light
Unit Size(WxDxH)330x355x615mm
Carton Size(WxDxH)386x381x664mm
N.W/ G.W.16/17.5KGS
FCL QTY225/20GP,480/40GP,480/40HQ
Warranty1 year for whole, 3 year for compressor
Remarks:Temperature range can be customize such as -10ºC~0ºC
More options to customize your own branding fridges:
1,Sticker wrapped with your own LOGO and design.(normal sticker or UV-resistant sticker)
2,Digital thermostat with temperature display.(show the temperature inside accurately)
3,Engraved LOGO on glass door.(illuminated by LED for better attraction & promotion)
4,With lock and key.
5,With auto-closing door.(more energy saving in case the bar tender forget closing the door)
6,Extra shelf or Price tag.(good options for POS)
7,Red,white,green,silver, blue...(more attractive appearance to draw clients' attentions)
8,Your any awesome idea may come true with our design and technology! 
Countertop Compressor Cooling Single Door Portable Mini Fridge
Countertop Compressor Cooling Single Door Portable Mini Fridge

Countertop Compressor Cooling Single Door Portable Mini Fridge

Countertop Compressor Cooling Single Door Portable Mini FridgeCountertop Compressor Cooling Single Door Portable Mini Fridge
China Fridge Size Option
VolumeModelSize (W*D*H)WeightLoading Qty
ProductPackingNet / Gross20GP/40GP/40HQ
With lightbox on top
25LSC25L330x355x615 mm386x381x664 mm16 / 17.5 kg225 / 480 / 480
(0.88 Cu.Ft)(13"x14"x24.2" inch)(15.2"x15"x26.1" inch)(35.3 / 38.6 lbs)
42LSC42L400x415x733 mm464x481x787 mm20 / 22 kg180 / 360 / 360
(1.48 Cu.Ft)(15.8"x16.3"x28.9" inch)(18.3"x18.9"x31" inch)(44.1 / 48.5 lbs)
55LSC55L420x355x793 mm502x529x842 mm23 / 25 kg88 / 184 / 276
(1.94 Cu.Ft)(16.5"x14"x31.2" inch)(19.8"x20.8"x33.1" inch)(50.7 / 55.2 lbs)
80LSC80L460x470x933 mm542x539x982 mm29 / 32 kg80 / 176 / 176
(2.83 Cu.Ft)(18.1"x18.5"x36.7" inch)(21.3"x21.2"x38.7" inch)(64 / 70.6 lbs)
105LSC105L360x385x1880 mm456x461x1959 mm60 / 63 kg60 / 130 / 130
(3.71 Cu.Ft)(14.2"x15.2"x74" inch)(18"x18.1"x77.1" inch)(132.4 / 139 lbs)
(Sliding Door )
630x400x990 mm711x481x1044mm43 / 46 kg72/ 144 / 144
(3.71 Cu.Ft)(24.8"x15.75"x39" inch)(28"x18.9"x41.1" inch)(94.9 / 101.5 lbs)
W/O lightbox on top
21LSC21330x405x480 mm396x456x525 mm15 / 16.5 kg280 / 600 / 750
(0.74 Cu.Ft)(13"x16"x18.9" inch)(15.6"x18"x20.7" inch)(33.1 / 36.4 lbs)
35LSC35400x445x470 mm466x451x515 mm17.5 / 20 kg220 / 480 / 480
(1.24 Cu.Ft)(15.7"x17.5"x18.5" inch)(17.9"x18.5"x21.9" inch)(38.6 / 44.1 lbs)
52LSC52435x495x510 mm517x562x542 mm19 / 21 kg176 / 368 / 368
(1.84 Cu.Ft)(17.1"x19.5"x20.1" inch)(20.4"x22.1"x21.3" inch)(42 / 46.3 lbs)
70LSC70435x500x695 mm517x562x727 mm24 / 26 kg132 / 264 / 264
(2.47 Cu.Ft)(17.1"x19.7"x27.4" inch)(20.4"x22.1"x28.6" inch)(53 / 57.4lbs)
98LSC98480x485x852 mm562x552x887 mm31 / 34 kg80 / 168 / 252
(3.46 Cu.Ft)(18.9"x19.1"x33.5" inch)(22.1"x21.7"x34.9" inch)(68.4 / 75 lbs)
130LSC130540x560x850 mm591x621x894 mm40 / 43 kg54 / 120 / 180
(4.59 Cu.Ft)(21.3"x22"x33.5" inch)(23.3"x24.4"x35.2" inch)(88.2 / 94.9 lbs)

1.Best branding solutions: We have more than 20 years' experience in custom manufacturer of display coolers and showcases, so we know which is best solution for your beverage or food. 
2.24hours quick response: We have an elite team with quick response for your needs. You just need to tell us your idea or vision of your project, we can realize it for you immediately. 
3.100 brands companies: We have worked with more than 100 brands companies, our experience and professionalism make us capable of offering some suggestion on products choosing and designing to you. 
4.After sales service: Product quality is prior to any others. With our own QS, we can give you warranty of 3 years of the compressor and 1 year of the whole machine. If any quality problem occurred, please contact us immediately. 
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