29 best vegan gifts of 2021-vegan friendly gifts

2021-11-10 03:46:48 By : Ms. catherine dong

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From plant-based recipes to vegan energy bars and everything in between.

It can be difficult to screen endless gifts for runners to find gifts for your vegetarian friends, but don't feel pressured. We collected a variety of organic, plant-based and sustainable products (sometimes all three!) to narrow the search.

None of these gift ideas include animal products, and many are made of recycled materials and certified to be cruelty-free. Whether you are on a budget, looking for the best fuel for runners, or just looking for new ideas, you can find it here.

These light-flavored beverages are based on coconut water and contain no more than 3 grams of sugar per bottle. They are rich in electrolytes, antioxidants and vitamins, which can help athletes replenish key nutrients lost due to sweat. They also have flavors such as cucumber watermelon and blueberry acai berry, and the taste is also great.

NUUN's delightful light soda hydrating label contains a variety of interesting holiday themed packages. We are fans of Wellness Bundle, but you can also choose a vibrant blend or a special blend rich in vitamins. NUUN is made with all-natural ingredients and provides powerful electrolytes to help restore exercise and overall health.

We love the bold roasting and absolutely non-instant coffee taste of this family brand. Each pack can make 20 ounces of espresso, and the coffee beans are carefully selected from small, sustainable family farms. Even better, this coffee is packaged by an organization that hires disabled workers at fair wages.

Add vegetables to this vegan protein powder to increase protein intake. The berry flavor is sweetened with stevia and contains 20 grams of vegan protein from brown rice and pea protein, including all nine essential amino acids. This blend also includes kale, broccoli, and spinach, and is non-GMO and gluten/lactose-free.

Use this exquisite teaching cookbook to eliminate the guesswork in vegetarian cooking. This cookbook frees plant-based chefs from the routine, helps create delicious, healthy meals and the basics of vegetarian cooking, laying the foundation for future experiments. This book comes from the people in the American Test Kitchen, so you know they have written it down.

This residue-free mineral sunscreen is made with organic plant ingredients to help keep the skin moisturized. There are no harsh chemicals, and it's certified vegan and coral reef safe. It is suitable for even the most sensitive skin and remains waterproof for up to 80 minutes.

Pre-packaged vegan dehydrated meal packs? Yes, please. These delicious all-natural meals are cooked in Maine, and each ingredient is completely identifiable. Meals range from rich and hearty pasta with marira to light and tasty kale and white bean stew. Put a bag in the van, boil some water, and you can go.

Not all energy chews are vegan, but these mild caffeine chews from Clif are made with plant-based ingredients, including organic tapioca syrup. Each cube contains 33 calories, easy to eat and digest, very suitable for long-term operation, in this case, portable, continuous fuel is the key to not going crazy.

These chocolate bars are mixed with dates, nuts and dried fruits to provide delicious flavors such as blueberry muffins, cherry pie, and coconut cream pie. Each bar has only a small amount of all-natural, vegan, gluten-free ingredients, and contains powerful flavors, nutrients and fiber.

Synthetic fillers have been catching up with down insulation materials in terms of warmth-to-weight ratio, and this synthetic fluff from Patagonia is no exception. This jacket keeps warm even if it gets wet and is ideal for long hikes. It contains 60 grams of PrimaLoft Gold Insulation Eco, made from 55% post-consumer recycled content.

These energy-filled gels are one of the most natural gels on the market. These are made from fruit puree, brown rice syrup and chia seed powder, and are vegan and gluten-free. Each gel contains approximately 100 calories and is nutritionally balanced to absorb carbohydrates most effectively.

These casual running shoes are made of renewable materials and are machine washable. The upper is made of eucalyptus fiber, and the midsole is made of carbon-negative green EVA foam, which is sustainable and durable from top to bottom, so you don't have to worry about increasing waste flow.

Come and taste the taste of chocolate, leaving behind the energy and restorative benefits of this protein-rich vegan beverage mix. The carbohydrate to protein ratio of this drink is 4:1, which not only helps muscles recover protein faster, but also contains 10 grams of pea and rice protein per serving, providing total plant nutrients and ingredients.

This cookbook is aimed directly at plant-based athletes. There are more than 100 diets and mixed drinks, all plant-based, focusing on sustained energy and rapid recovery. These recipes are based on whole foods, from breakfast to dinner to dessert, all require a chef.

Saucony Ride 14 is made of all man-made materials, so there are no leather products here. This is a good cushioning shoe that provides protection during long-distance running without sacrificing responsiveness. 

This shoe has a combined mesh upper, which is lightweight and breathable while still providing support for the foot. As a bonus, they use interesting holiday themed colors such as dark green and orange.

Subscription boxes are a great way to give gifts throughout the year and help someone discover new things. Urthbox has several different box options, including vegetarian subscriptions, which include dozens of plant-based, all-natural snacks and beverages, delivered directly to their doorstep.

Scott Jurek is one of the most watched endurance athletes of all time. In his book "Eat and Run", while he recorded his success in super running, he also taught wisdom and recipes from his nutritional journey. This book is an autobiography, but it also contains the delicious vegetarian recipes and food strategies he has developed over the past decade.

Use this handy little mixer to make food preparation a breeze. This is the perfect size for a small kitchen, but still enough to mix nut butters and quick-process smoothie ingredients. It has a 285 watt power base with a steel mixing blade for mixing soft food and a grinding blade for mixing dry food.

Every runner knows the benefits of good stretching and/or yoga routines. This super-grip, unique yoga mat closes the cycle of material sourcing. This 5mm yoga mat is made from fully recycled diving suits in the United States. They are sourced and manufactured locally, using a structure suitable for yoga, focusing on elasticity, durability and grip.

Use this aluminum-free, vegan, and cruelty-free deodorant to keep counterfeit ingredients away from your skin. This long-acting deodorant is made of only a mixture of six ingredients, essential oils and sea salt. It smells fresh and does not irritate the skin. In addition, the packaging is recyclable and made from sugarcane, which is a carbon-negative and renewable resource.

These polarized sunglasses are made of recycled polycarbonate plastic, and the company donates 1% of its sales annually to environmental non-profit organizations. Their boxes and packaging are completely plastic-free, and the company can choose to replace the scratched lenses to avoid throwing away the sunglasses.

Regardless of the weather outside, this compact hydroponic planting system will produce fresh herbs throughout the year, right in the kitchen. Without soil and not so messy, this system has its own LED lighting system to keep plants happy and healthy. It comes with nine different plant pods that are used to grow various herbs and vegetables. They grow 50% faster than plants in the soil.

Who doesn't want to get food delivery service? Purple Carrot offers a wide range of healthy vegetarian meals and side dishes, perfect for busy people who still want to choose healthy homemade meals. The meal kit has an additional benefit, which is to help inspire future meals and cooking techniques to further expand the choice of plant-based diets.

In these vegan, non-GMO bars, simple ingredients are combined with unique flavors such as raspberry lemon, maca chocolate and coconut mango. These chocolate bars are made from organic fruits, nuts, and seeds in Austin, with no added oil or unpronounceable fillings. These energy bars are also certified kosher, gluten-free and soy-free.

Chacos are shoes that can go anywhere and do almost anything. Everyone should have a pair. These non-leather sandals are made entirely of man-made materials and are ideal for hiking or walking in towns. The outsole has a super grip, adjustable webbing and antibacterial treatment to keep the sole odor-free.

Three pieces may not be enough, because it is easy to put one such lip balm in each jacket pocket. These lip balm is made of nut oil, seed oil and butter extracted by organic cold pressing. It has a soothing and moisturizing effect. It can treat chapped and chapped lips while protecting the skin from natural aggressions.

If you want to choose synthetic fiber instead of Merino wool, this lightweight, practical, sweat-wicking middle layer is your best choice. This shirt is ideal for running in colder temperatures, can be zippered to provide wind protection, and is designed for unrestricted exercise. It is made of 88% polyester fiber and 12% spandex, with a UPF rating of 45, which can block sunlight and snow reflections.

Who said that instant latte must have dairy products? These portable delicious blends from Alpine Start combine chai spice, black tea, soy milk and instant coffee to make a rich and spicy chai latte. We like the combination of flavors and non-dairy ingredients, they are instantly mixed in hot water without clumping, and mixed together to form a creamy consistency.

Sometimes you just had enough sweets, right? Bring in plant-based jerky. Gardein has created a chewy and satisfying plant-based "jerky" to satisfy these special cravings, made from soy protein and important wheat gluten, smoked and pressed to achieve the texture and density of meat snacks.