SILENT 60 electric catamaran with kite wings and 42 solar panels

2021-11-18 07:43:08 By : Ms. Elise Chen

SILENT-YACHTS launched the new SILENT 60, a solar catamaran that uses kite wings instead of traditional sails. The 42 solar panels can generate 17 kWp of electricity, each of which powers two 200 kW electric motors. This 60-foot (18-meter) yacht is also equipped with a battery capacity of 286 kWh, enabling zero-emission cruises of up to 100 nautical miles per day.

The compact kite wing designed by the Dresden-based wingit company helped the catamaran reach a maximum speed of 20 knots. Wingit founder stephan schröder explained: "Compared with traditional sail systems, the main advantage of a kite wing is that it does not require a high mast, flies higher in the windy sky, and generates up to 10 times the power per square meter. Than traditional sails.

He added,'This makes more sense for silent boats that use renewable solar energy, because the energy produced by the kite can easily exceed the energy consumption of the system, so you can charge the battery while cruising with the kite power. Other than that, it's fun!

The kite wings and their components (including electric winches and foldable short masts) are stored in lockers under the foredeck. On the first SILENT 60 device, the mast is connected to the pad eyes on the deck by four shields, and the force is distributed through the hull structure, but on subsequent devices, the mast will be installed on the bottom plate in the locker to avoid the fore deck Disorganized. free.

After inflating the kite, it was released out of the boat and floated on the water. Pull the rope to launch it into the air. Once it reaches the optimal flight altitude, it will begin to draw a number "8" in the sky and generate power to pull the yacht. Reversing this process will cause the kite to descend. Automated application controls move the kite to a position directly above the boat, where it exerts the least force on the line. From here it can be easily twisted down and folded on the fore deck ready for loading. Kite wings are now available for all SILENT-YACHTS models. 

The kite wings are stored in a locker under the foredeck

The first SILENT 60 has four cabins on the lower deck, including a spacious master suite, but other layout solutions are also available. There are many social areas on board, including an airy main salon, aft cockpit, comfortable bow area and fly bridge. The entire yacht also has a high headroom (the main salon is as high as 2.3m).

As the draft is less than 1m, yachts can enter shallow bays, which is an important consideration for cruising venues in the Caribbean and Southeast Asia. The two swimming platforms at the stern can be expanded according to the owner's requirements to carry a pair of electric motor boats. The lifting hydraulic platform between the two platforms can also be expanded to carry a 4m tender.

Automatic application controls move the kite to a position directly above the ship

SILENT 60 is equipped with the company's ventilation system, which can provide cool and fresh air to all internal guest spaces, and can be individually adjusted according to conditions. In addition, the reverse cycle heat pump system provides indoor heating, which is suitable for all seasons. The insulated hull ensures that a stable shipboard temperature can be achieved without consuming too much energy.

The water generator driven by the solar power system produces enough water to supply all guests. All on-board electrical appliances run on a 220/110 volt system. The kitchen has a good refrigerator and freezer space and an efficient induction cooker, no need to carry propane gas.

SILENT 60 is designed to be a true blue water cruising yacht everywhere. The solar power system is configured to power all on-board systems without the need for fossil fuel generators. The yacht adopts a new high-performance hull form, has a longer waterline and a reverse bow, and has a cruising speed of 6-8 knots, but can reach 20 knots if needed.

42 solar panels are located on a fully electric catamaran

SILENT 60 has many spacious social areas

Up to 100 nautical miles per day at 60 feet


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