Ford's 2021 SEMA truck concept car is equipped with awnings, tents, pull-out kitchens, refrigerators and more!

2021-11-10 03:46:00 By : Ms. Amy Tang

Ford returned to the SEMA show with a lot of concepts. The company has the concepts of Bronco, Maverick, theRanger, F-150, Mustang and Mustang Mach-E. We have already introduced the Bronco concept car, so here is a list of all Ford truck concept cars of this year's SEMA version-Maverick, Ranger and F-150.

The DRAGG Maverick concept is the creation of Oxnard United High School and the Oxnard Police Department in California. This is a beach rescue concept based on the new Maverick truck. If you want to know what DRAGG means, then it stands for Drag Racing Against Gangs and Graffiti.

This truck is equipped with Ford-approved accessories such as:

Air Design is an American onshore body kit manufacturer and presented its own Maverick concept at this year's SEMA show. The company chose the SuperCrew body style lasso decoration with the FX4 off-road kit. Of the two engine options, the concept uses a 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine. It can produce 250 ponies and 277 pound-feet of torque. It is equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission and an all-wheel drive system.

Air Design USA is equipped with many things in this concept. There is a styling package, including fender flares, door trims and tailgate decals. The truck is also equipped with 31-inch all-terrain tires wrapped on 18-inch wheels. Thanks to the 1.5-inch lifting kit, large tires can be used. There is also a bedspread here.

Inside, you have floor mats, storage bins under the rear seats, and a portable refrigerator. In terms of performance upgrades, the company installed a cat-back exhaust with black chrome tips. Finally, there is a roadside assistance package.

The final Maverick concept comes from Tucci Hot Rods. The company chose the Maverick in the XLT interior with 2.0-liter EcoBoost and all-wheel drive system. It got a real blue hot rod treatment here. This includes the wider stance of the truck and muscle fender arches with 3D printed fender flares. It is also equipped with a 3D printed front lip and a 3D printed spoiler inspired by rally racing.

In terms of performance upgrades, the truck is equipped with a customized Borla catback exhaust system with dual carbon fiber tips and coiled shock absorbers. Tucci equipped this hotrod with custom wheels to create a retro atmosphere and wrapped them in thick tires. The company also found some parts in the Ford accessories box, such as hard folding bedspreads, spray-type sheets and tailgate spoilers.

In the cabin of this concept car, you will find an F200 IR dash cam, a windshield sun visor, four Recaro Sportster seats, racing seat belts and custom paint decoration. Overall, Tucci has successfully provided Maverick with a suitable hot rod appearance.

This prestigious Ranger concept was designed in collaboration with Outside magazine. This is a true blue off-road vehicle with a lot of external and off-road equipment upgrades. It began life as a ranger tremor and has transformed into a beast.

This Ranger is finished in two tones of cactus gray and carbonized gray. The truck is equipped with things like a 6-inch suspension lift, Ford Performance Parts' front bumper and sports exhaust, and rigid lighting. In the cabin, you can get a customized Katzkin leather seat surface inspired by Outdoor Magazine.

As for land equipment, the Ranger is equipped with:

Skyjacker is famous for its suspension system, lift kits, etc. The company adopted Ranger under its wings and modified it, which is definitely worth it for SEMA. It is characterized by:

In terms of performance upgrades, Skyjacker chose EcoBoost engine Power Pack performance calibration, catback exhaust with black chrome tips and differential cover. However, there is no news about what kind of improvement the EcoBoost engine Power Pack performance calibration is expected to bring. In the inventory form, the turbocharged EcoBoost mill has a displacement of 2.3 liters and outputs 270 ponies and 310 pound-feet of torque. Even though calibration is more about fine-tuning the truck with the upgraded suspension system, it still takes half an hour to drive on inaccessible roads.

Hellwig's concept is based on the F-150 XLT SuperCrew. The company chose the new 3.5-liter PowerBoost hybrid V-6 engine launched by Ford on the 2021 model. The engine outputs 430 horses and 570 pound-feet of torque. This concept car is also equipped with an FX4 off-road kit. In addition, Hellwig has installed many other products. First, it comes with:

The truck is also equipped with a portable Ford high-performance air compressor kit, body armor rocker panel protection, winches, off-road front and rear bumpers, rock sliders, top hats and fender flares. A bottom rock light kit is also available, as well as a series of spotlights and floodlights.

As for the landing gear, the Hellwig concept is equipped with a refrigerator, a retractable 270-degree awning, and a 10-gallon shower to ensure your camping goes smoothly. Inside, you can get an off-road recovery kit from Warn Industries, all-weather foot pads, a car safe from Console Vault, and Katzkin custom leather.

Seeing how Rivian R1T will be equipped with countless land-based equipment, this concept also needs to be packaged and provided for customers to choose. Not sure how it performs on the standard F series, but on the F-150 Lightning, it may be popular.

Although the concept of Hellwig is a work truck that can also be used on the road and during camping, the BTR F-150 Tremor is a complete camper with no extra fluff. The Tremor model has undergone many upgrades on the basis of standard decorations, but the most prominent upgrades include front and rear locking differentials, optional Torsen limited-slip front differentials and on-demand torque transfer cases. The front and rear springs have been re-adjusted to increase ground clearance and accommodate larger tires. It uses Tremor special single-tube shock absorber at the front and double-tube shock absorber at the rear.

The BTR concept is based on the F-150 Tremor and is equipped with camping equipment, such as:

The concept has a portable refrigerator/freezer, and a rear projector setup for entertainment. These things will be powered by the built-in Pro Power Onboard generator.

Hypertech's F-150 concept is based on the Lariat interior, with a Hybrid engine under the hood. The company has made many upgrades related to its off-road capabilities, but the highlight is its use of Pro Power Onboard generators.

For starters, Ford provides an onboard generator called Pro Power for the F-150. It provides 2.4 kilowatts of standard power and 7.2 kilowatts of optional power. The generator can be used to charge your tools, computers, and power supplies, such as 12-inch miter saws, circular saws, hammer drills, half-horsepower air compressors, floodlights, and battery chargers, all of which can be timed at the same time. From a better perspective, this means powering 28 ordinary refrigerators.

The truck is equipped with a series of ports-120 volt, 20 amp socket, one 240 volt and one 30 amp socket for larger equipment. The non-hybrid engine will be equipped with a 2.0 kW Pro Power Onboard generator, enough to run an electric heater, TV, portable speakers, mini refrigerator and blender.

Back to this concept, it is equipped with Pro Power with an onboard power of 7.2 kW. Hypertech is equipped with a customized sliding rail system, which includes an electric grill, refrigerator/freezer, sink, ice maker, and washer/dryer. In addition, the concept car is also equipped with air compressors, off-road lighting, cat-back exhaust, off-road bumpers, upgraded wheels and tires, and Leer bedspreads with lockable storage space.

The concept of ADD is based on the F-150 Raptor. F-150 Raptor is currently only available in SuperCrew style, and is equipped with 2.0 kW Pro Power on-board generator. The F-150 Raptor is powered by the same 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V-6 EcoBoost engine, which can produce 450 horses and 510 pound-feet of torque as before. It has undergone a lot of upgrades in suspension, off-road equipment and exhaust.

ADD did not make a lot of changes to them, but they are still worth noting. Outside, you can see custom graphics and new wheel and tire settings. The after-sales company also replaced the stock bumpers and switched to its own off-road front and rear bumpers. In addition, it has tire racks mounted on the bed, rock slide steps, chasing racks and lighting from Rigid Industries.

Advanced Accessory Concepts chose F-250 as the benchmark and provided us with a concept worthy of SEMA. The truck is powered by a 7.3-liter V-8 Godzilla engine, which produces 430 horses and 475 pound-feet of torque. Advanced Accessory Concepts equips the truck with:

The F-250 is also equipped with 17-inch wheels wrapped in 37-inch tires. There is a Warn winch mounted on an upgraded off-road bumper, and a heavy-duty Warn shackle. ARB's portable air compressor kit, sill protection and cargo management system are also provided. The lighting department has received some upgrades thanks to overhead work lights and exterior lighting from Rigid Industries.

Inside, there are Ford accessories, such as all-weather floor mats, Console Vault vehicle safes, Covercraft seat covers, Indel B portable refrigerators/freezers, trigger controller six shooter power distribution system, 12 volt internal switch bracket and PowerBass USA Stereo system. Well, this is one of the concepts with a lot of upgrades on this list.

If you think that Advanced Accessory Concepts has chosen the largest F series truck, you will be surprised. MAD Industries has placed the 2022 Ford F-450 Super Duty Platinum under its wings. This Crew Cab model is powered by a 6.7-liter V-8 power stroke engine. Trucks use forged wheels wrapped in off-road tires. It is equipped with front tow hooks, front and rear fenders, wheel well lining, sturdy spray bed liner, Ford oval "Black Pack" logo, and black chrome-plated "Super Duty" hood.

There is also a coiled suspension, airbags, upgraded anti-roll bars, custom four-inch rear exhaust with black chrome tips, and MAD Industries color matching accents on the outside. There are also many other hardware devices, such as Ford Performance Parts shelves, portable air compressor kits, electric retractable bedspreads, bed clamps, swing boxes, rear and rollover bed steps.

In addition, MAD Industries is also equipped with trailer cameras, spotlights and refrigerators/freezers. Inside, you can find all-weather floor mats, a car safe provided by Console Vault, a rear seat cover and a 4Knines pet hammock.

Which of these 11 concepts do you like best and why? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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