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Looking for a small size refrigerator? Choose from the best mini refrigerators available now.

Author: Cynthia Bowman | November 1, 2021 | Topic: Kitchen and Home

If a large free-standing refrigerator takes up too much space, a mini refrigerator that fits on or under the counter may be a good choice. The best mini refrigerators are quiet and affordable, and can hold all kinds of refrigerated and frozen items. They are a great choice for dormitories, studios, etc. After comparing dozens of models, we ranked these mini refrigerators as the best on the market in 2021.

Specifications: 3.3 cubic feet capacity; 17.7 inches deep x 18.6 inches wide x 33.9 inches high; 39 pounds; freezer compartment; 32 degrees Fahrenheit to 35.6 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range; available in stainless steel, black or white; Energy Star rating

This multifunctional mini refrigerator has a seamless door with two compartments inside: a large refrigerating area and a small freezer compartment suitable for ice trays or some frozen items. Less than 19" wide and 34" high, this compact refrigerator can fit in a variety of spaces. The door can be adjusted to open to the left or right. There is a shelf inside the door that can hold a two-liter bottle and can store eight cans of canned drinks.

The soda can and the two-liter bottle holder are integrated on the door

Available in stainless steel, black or white 

Mechanical temperature control with easy-to-read dial

May be too high to fit under the kitchen counter

Specifications: 3.2 cubic feet capacity; 17.1/2" W x 18.5/8" D x 31.5/8" H; 48.4 pounds; 0.2 cubic feet freezer compartment; adjustable temperature and defrost mode; available in stainless steel, black, white, stone Gray, blue, purple, red, and orange

If a black or white refrigerator cannot solve the problem, then RCA's RFR321 is your best choice. When you have options such as lime, blue, orange, and purple, why choose standard colors? The colors are not ordinary shades either; all visible sides of the mini refrigerator are in vibrant, glossy tones. In addition to color, the 3.2 cubic foot refrigerator also provides ample storage space and efficient cooling. No matter how hot the weather is, it can maintain a cooling capacity of up to 84 liters, thanks to this type of compressor cooling, which can achieve reliable temperature control. 

The interior can hold up to 84 liters

Two adjustable/removable shelves for easy cleaning

Certain colors can double the price

Specifications: 4.5 cubic feet capacity; 20.86 inches wide x 20.59 inches deep x 32.48 inches high; 48.4 pounds: freezer compartment; six adjustable temperature settings ranging from 23 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit; one-button defrost; Energy Star rating

If you want the largest storage space while leaving the smallest footprint, TECCPO’s TAMF33 is the first choice. ENERGY STAR model glass shelves, crisper drawers, etc. can accommodate 4.5 cubic feet of space. This is the closest version to a full-size refrigerator on this list, and the wheels can easily move the device. Most importantly, this model is one of the quietest models, very suitable for dormitories or studio apartments. 

"Whisper" quiet, from 37db

Six temperature settings for maximum energy efficiency

Integrated wheels, easy to move

Specifications: 1.6 cubic feet capacity; 17.7 W x 18.6 D x 19.4" H; 35.3 pounds; freezer compartment; temperature range of 32 to 35.6 degrees Fahrenheit; 42db sound; stainless steel, black or white; Energy Star rating

If you need a compact refrigerator that can be placed on the table or counter, Midea WHS-65L is your best choice. The single door can be turned left and right, and there is even a small freezer compartment inside. It's small, but you can still put several soda cans, a two-liter bottle, and more items on the door alone. You can also remove the internal single-line shelf to make room for larger items.

Small size, cube design only 19.4" high

Includes indoor door frames for bottles, cans and beverages

Surprisingly its size

Specifications: 3.2 cubic feet capacity (2.24 refrigeration and 0.96 freezing); 19.4 wide x 19.9 deep x 33.5 inches high; 59.9 pounds; two doors; separate freezer compartment; stainless steel, black or white finish

One of the biggest disadvantages of most mini refrigerators is the tiny freezer compartment. If the freezer space you want is more than just an ice cube tray, Euhomy's two-door model is the best compact refrigerator choice. The freezer area of ​​0.96 cubic feet is enough to hold ice cream, frozen food, etc. When you only need a drink or some ice cubes, a separate door can properly refrigerate your items without causing unnecessary temperature loss. 

Internal LED lights

Adjustable glass shelf and fresh-keeping drawer

Automatic noise reduction compressor for quiet operation

Compared with mini refrigerators of similar size, the capacity of the refrigerating section is smaller

Specifications: 10 liter capacity; 15 width x 11 depth x 16 height; 7 pounds; black, white or pink finishes; wall plugs for household appliances and 12 volt car adapters

Refrigerators for skin care and cosmetics are very popular now, and Frigidaire’s EFMIS170 has an LED mirror that can be used as a makeup mirror. Although the compact refrigerator includes beauty-related functions, it can still keep drinks and fresh food cool. The small size and handle allow you to easily carry it with you; you can even use the included 12-volt adapter cable to keep it running in the car. 

It can also be heated to keep the content warm

Includes a 12-volt car adapter

Can only cool temperatures that are 20 degrees Fahrenheit lower than the ambient temperature

You can find mini refrigerators for sale at most large retailers, home improvement stores, office supply stores, and online. In such a competitive market, deciding which model is best for you is a challenge. We have listed a variety of compact refrigerators to give you a general idea of ​​the products available; consider these options as "best in class" options.

To choose a product, several factors are important. Pricing and cubic feet are the two most important considerations, so we chose a model that is relatively affordable and offers the most storage space for its size. The best performing models include various storage options such as soda can racks, adjustable/removable shelves, etc.

In addition to capacity and price, noise and temperature levels are also important. After all, most people who buy a mini refrigerator may spend time sleeping or hanging out near the refrigerator. We look for quiet models with only a slight buzzing noise, so you can forget about the refrigerator and continue your daily activities. In addition, all characteristic models have an adjustable dial or temperature control. 

Once the mini refrigerator has passed our requirements, there are still nearly two dozen models on our shortlist. We have selected the best models based on customer reviews, ensuring that each of the mini refrigerators listed above has received near-perfect reviews from thousands of customers. 

Knowing which model is best for you may be the hardest part of choosing a mini refrigerator. It all depends on what you need to store in it and how much free space you have. If you are just looking for a refrigerator that can hold a few drinks, then any model reviewed offers a large number of beverage storage options. If you want a model that can hold more ice cubes in the freezer, most vetted refrigerators may also hold a small container of ice cream. However, if you want to store some frozen dinners, the Euhomy two-door mini refrigerator has the largest freezer compartment.

Another consideration is color. Most models are in stainless steel, black and white, which can match your existing appliances. If the match doesn't matter, black is the lowest-key choice when you don't want an obvious refrigerator in the room. If you don't mind rising prices, stainless steel is the most modern finish. 

The U.S. Federal Government issues certifications to the most energy-efficient appliances available. When you choose the most efficient Energy Star model, our goal is to save you water and electricity bills. You will find the light blue and white ENERGY STAR mark on the certified refrigerator, or a yellow card showing its efficiency (compared to other models), and estimate your annual cost of running a mini refrigerator. 

Single-door compact refrigerators are usually able to store cold food to the maximum extent, such as snacks, beverages and agricultural products. However, the small freezer compartments included in most single-door models are usually very small and poorly functioning. Unless you only need a freezer area to place the ice tray, you'd better choose a two-door compact refrigerator. They can maintain a more uniform temperature and provide you with more storage space for frozen goods-at the cost of refrigerated space. 

The color you choose depends on your decoration and preferences. Most compact refrigerators have standard colors such as stainless steel, black and white. You will find that white is usually the cheapest color choice, while black and stainless steel refrigerators require an extra charge. Black may be the lowest maintenance cost of the three finish options because it can best hide dirt, scratches and dents. However, the stainless steel finish may be the most classic because it is suitable for almost any decoration and is usually the most popular color in general appliances.

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